Monday, May 18, 2009


The spectacle of Barack Hussein Obama might suggest otherwise. Watching his pas de deux with himself is to understand that cognitive dissonance can be a vocation as well as a warning. I can’t help worrying, though, that making it your vocation is only the first act of a drama that ends very badly indeed.” the only conclusion a rational person can make. Yet this silver-fork-tongued lying hypocrite (kind of summarizing what you’re getting at here) who can only be interpreted at the least as disingenuous (but I’d ramp it up to sinister), still gets a pass. What’s with the suicide wish? Is 60 whatever the heck percent of this country out of their minds?

How anyone can’t see what is going on in this country astounds me. We’re being hijacked, nothing less. If there was a well meaning bone in that man’s body we would have heard ONE sincere word, comment or thought by this time. But nothing. Always scripted, always cold, always calculated–and as you’ve so poignantly explained, always the polar opposite of what he does.

All while the country, the one he purports to be leading, is TANKING in a few short months! Might we have a little problem here, folks?! Whoever gets a buzz from this guy’s hollow, hypocritical alphabet soup is bewitched by a hologram and their own wishful thinking.

God help America wake up before this “first act of the drama ends very badly indeed!” for all of us.